Relicomp’s many certificates speak to quality – something our customers surely appreciate

We at Relicomp emphasise quality, which is demonstrated by our long list of certificates. The determined quality efforts are a benefit to our customers in particular. Our delivery reliability is close to 100%, and we focus almost fully on preventive work in terms of quality. It is easy for us to ensure the high quality of our products since we manufacture all products from start to finish in our own facilities. As such, it is no surprise that the quality of our products is one of the factors underlying our success.

Employee satisfaction and wellbeing are not a one-man, or one-woman, show

In recent years, occupational wellbeing and its development have been written about and discussed almost to the point of tedium. There is no denying that this is an important topic. But there are times when I feel irritated by articles and topical programmes on the subject. Wellbeing at work is almost invariably addressed as if it’s a matter for employers and managers only. Since occupational wellbeing is important to all of us, this is a somewhat one-sided perspective.

Katri Rientamo – “Quality is continuously reviewed and developed”

Katri Rientamo oli juuri aloittanut hitsaajan opinnot Jalasjärven aikuiskoulutuksessa, kun hän törmäsi ilmoitukseen, jossa Relicompille haettiin hitsaajaa oppisopimuskoulutuksella. Ajatus opiskella ammattilaiseksi töiden ohella ja vahvan käytännön opettamana kuulosti hyvältä.