Our new Sales Director Petteri Perälä took up his post at Relicomp at the beginning of January. The past few months have been inspiring and flown by as Petteri has learned about our services, customers, staff and manufacturing processes in depth.

Relicomp is constantly working with international clients, and it was Petteri’s international experience that made him stand out from the crowd:

“I have previously been responsible for Bystronic Group’s sales of laser cutting systems, press brakes and automation to Finland and the Baltic countries. Before that, I have worked for Teotek Oy and Finn-Power Oy, which means I have extensive experience in sheet metal work in an international environment,” says Petteri about his work history in the field.

Relicomp also wanted to improve the onboarding process as a new member joined the management team. Petteri was able to start his well-planned onboarding process from the very first hours.

Combination of concrete actions and learning makes for the best result

Work with Relicomp’s diverse services and challenging manufacturing processes has gotten off to a nice and fast start. During the onboarding process, Petteri has been introduced to the many aspects of Relicomp’s operations, from production to design. It was important for Petteri to go through the manufacturing process in its entirety and to learn about it in a concrete way. The best way to get into the business is to get your hands dirty, so after the safety induction, Petteri got to work in production as part of his learning process.

“I was already used to laser cutting and bending from my previous job, so it was an easy learning process. However, I still got to receive valuable, updated information on the features of the machines. A lot of things were also completely new to me: deep drawing, incremental forming and 3D laser cutting. I also got to do some practical work, such as removing parts, rolling and bead blasting. I started in the production planning and then proceeded to different manufacturing machines and stages of production,” says Petteri, explaining more about his learning experience during the onboarding process.

Strong culture of expertise and effort

Relicomp currently employs 125 people. That is a lot of names to remember, but the best way to get to know people is to work together. The Relicomp team has welcomed Petteri with open arms.

“There is a lot of new information, so I have asked a lot of questions and taken a lot of notes. The reception of the staff has been very friendly. Everyone has been happy to give me their time and brief me about their own work phases. I want to give a big thank you to the supervisors and all the employees for this. Relicomp has a strong culture of expertise and effort,” says Petteri about his thoughts regarding working with the Relicomp team.

In addition to laser cutting and bending, Petteri has been introduced to welding, coating, assembly, 3D measurement, shipment and reception as well as maintenance. This means that he has started to get a comprehensive overview of the production and is already acquainted with most of the staff. This is a good place to continue from!