Rapid change requires completely new types of capabilities for change and development. To grow and stay ahead of the wave, companies need to develop their operations, quality and overall organisation. Continuous development has been part of day-to-day operations at Relicomp Oy, making us a leader in sheet metal and forming technology.

“We want to ensure that our customers always get the best quality, so last autumn we decided to embed development even more deeply in our core business,” says Marko Jyllilä, CEO. This decision triggered a search for a full-time Development Director.

The recruitment process was a great success: Petri Muurinaho from Seinäjoki began work with us in March. Petri has long experience of the metal industry and its development. He became acquainted with the sector as a young man in his father’s company, where he worked as a welder, for example. Later, Petri studied at Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, and then earned a master’s degree at the University of Vaasa while continuing work in the metal industry. Petri’s work over the last ten years has involved various development projects for a machining company. There, his responsibilities included the development of procurement processes and various other development projects. Petri also has strong expertise in implementing and developing operational systems:

My wide range of tasks has given me a broad overview of the metal industry and its development. Based on my experience, I believe that I can bring many new perspectives to Relicomp.

Petri’s key responsibilities in his new job include process and system development, and overall operational development alongside the entire organisation.

Petri’s key task is to identify development needs from production all the way through to management, creating a unified whole that will be moved forward by the entire organisation,” says Tiina Jyllilä, Administrative Director. “Petri has taken a very concrete approach to his work, visiting various departments to make observations and interview production workers and team leaders. We believe that this is a long-term investment that will make us even faster at responding to change and rationalise our work.”

As Development Director, Petri has begun work on the IT projects currently underway:

“Work has started on interesting IT projects that will have a major impact on development and production throughout the business,” says Petri, “My overall job description is very broad and interesting. We have a good workforce, well-functioning facilities and modern equipment. Relicomp is a forward-looking company; it’s really great to be working for a firm like this.”