I was hired at Relicomp as a system developer in spring 2010, but I soon moved to production design and supervision tasks. Closing the circle, I returned to my original position as a full-time system developer in early 2016.

This was a good decision as the experience of the different functions within the company that I got over the past six years is very useful in the development work. In addition to my studies in mechanical and industrial engineering, I also get to tap into my education as a job analyst. I work with employees at different stages of the process, which adds variety and challenges to my work. The goal is to lead the development of the work and products. Job analysis is a means of finding out what consumes time at each stage of the work and whether something could be done differently to improve the efficiency. This may present one of the challenges in my job: how to persuade everyone to change the way they work, if a particular stage has been done the same way for decades.

At the same time, we are going to look into other manufacturing methods and structures that might simplify the manufacturing process of our product, making it more cost-effective. We will go through the products and product families of our customers and see whether the structures could be made simpler or otherwise easier to manufacture. However, the main focus will be on prototypes as making changes at that stage makes it easier for both parties to implement them. We start with the paint shop where a student does their final project on improving the efficiency of the work.

The most memorable moment in my career has to do with some development work that enabled us to halve the manufacturing time of a product. The customer took part in the development project, and by changing some welds and manufacturing processes, for example, and using different parts we managed to achieve the desired manufacturing time.

Toni Korpela
System developer
Relicomp Oy