Relicomp receives Plootu Fennica awards in the sheet metal product and industrial categories

Today, Relicomp won both the sheet metal product and the industrial category in the Plootu Fennica 2016 sheet metal competition. The wood-chip power station that Relicomp designed and built for Volter Oy included a lot of sheet metal parts that required special tools.

The jury of the competition particularly commended the impressive-looking product package that lets both the design and usability elements show. The jury mentioned that using sheet metal technology in the product allowed the introduction of new design ideas that resulted in a highly stylistic and well-thought-out product: “The appearance of the power station communicates ecology and hygienic cleanliness in a way that we are not used to expect of this type of equipment.”

“The elegant appearance of the product was designed to be cost-effective by using incremental forming for effects and traditional sheet metal forming techniques for other forms. Relicomp also designed and built the frame of the product. Therefore the end product represents extremely well our know-how and the wide scale of our production capabilities,” says Relicomp Sales Manager Mika Sorri.

With exports growing, large equipment that resembled maritime containers caused considerable transport costs to Volter. Therefore, the company decided to renew the design of its small-scale electricity and heat production plants in collaboration with Relicomp Oy. The plant that had previously been kept outdoors now also had to fit indoors and look good.

At Relicomp Oy, the product development designer Jarkko Könni was responsible for the mechanical design of the power station and for the manufacturing of the plant in collaboration with the designer Iikka Ylikoski of Volter Oy and the designer Anssi Mustonen of Pinto Design Oy.

“We agreed upon the collaboration on our first meeting in summer 2014. Anssi Mustonen had designed a concept drawing for the customer, and we proceeded to adapt the product to a form that could be manufactured using sheet metal. We started the planning in August. When celebrating both the 20th anniversary of the company and the opening of our Kurikka facility on 31 October 2014, we got a phone call from the customer. He was very happy with the result and said that according to the designer, it also matched the product concept 99 per cent,” Sorri says.

However, the most valuable award to the Relicomp crew is probably the growth in the exports of the product thanks to the renewed design.

“Our personnel is happy and eager to take on new customers and challenges. We took an open-minded approach to designing a new product for a new customer. Thanks to our know-how, we were able to participate in the product development and achieved an excellent result, as this award and, above all, the growth in the exports of the product highlight. We are proud to be able to say that we truly master sheet metal,” the Managing Director of Relicomp, Marko Jyllilä, rejoices over the success.

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Representatives of Relicomp and the redesigned Volter Oy power plant are present at the Engineering Works Trade Fair on 15 to 17 March 2016 at the Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre, at the Teknologiateollisuus (The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries) stand A618. Welcome!



Mika Sorri of Relicomp (left) receiving the award together with representatives of Pinto Design Oy and Volter Oy.