The delivery of Prima Power’s Combi Genius combination machine was approved at our factory on 30 November 2020. We are currently performing test runs on the machine, and everything has worked well so far. The Combi Genius combination machine represents the latest technology in the field. The machine will replace two of Relicomp’s older machines, because it combines the benefits of a laser with those of a punching cell as well as the precision of servo technology and savings in the operating and life cycle costs of the machine. Our customers will benefit from the cost efficiency and improved service provided by the Combi Genius being able to apply several methods to their product in a single work stage. The machine does not simply cut sheet in the traditional sense, but it can also perform bending and drawing and create shapes with different tools.


The number of robot stations on the Combi Genius has been doubled, and the intelligent ram shortens tool change time and increases the number of tools in the turret. The highest laser power level of 4 kW brings more cutting speed. Based on the wishes and ideas of machine operators, the turret on the punching side was built so that it could hold as many tools as possible and the set-up time would be as short as possible. This makes working more efficient, as time spent on intermediate steps is minimised.


Even though the machine cuts up to the thickness of 8 mm, it is used specifically for thinner sheets, mainly 0.5–3 mm thick. The new combination machine can finish thinner parts faster, which brings the capacity of all machines up to a good level. There is already plenty of work in line for the new machine. Thanks to the LSR robot, the tools in the turret and the short set-up time, the utilisation rate of the machine has been maximised and it can be run unattended throughout the night, if need be.


The new machine has required us to offer further training to our employees. Four employees from the sheet department are currently undergoing user training where they will learn to program the machine and use its different procedures, among other skills. Learning new things and being able to use the latest technology in the field puts a smile on the machine users’ faces. The new technology also provides health benefits to our staff. The machine is much quieter than its predecessor, and the loading and unloading robots improve the ergonomics of the machine operators considerably. The new machine is fast, easy to use and increases the comfort of use of the operator, which in turn improves well-being at work.


“Whereas the hall used to be filled with noise from machines, it’s now full of the sound of the workers’ radios. This is a significant improvement. The workers were also included in the design of this new machine, which means that its accessories have been selected with the needs of production in mind,” says Marko Jyllilä, Managing Director of Relicomp.


The new Combi Genius will begin production by mid-December.