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3D measurement is an important tool for us


"When SKS Toijala Works started to develop the new generation of KURO telescopic timber handlers, they wanted to place special emphasis on the design. Traditional engineering was replaced by design because they aimed to achieve equipment that positively stands out from the rest, and above all, is easy to maintain. Chassis panels had to be good-looking, exactly fitting and cost-efficient to manufacture. To facilitate equipment maintenance, panels were designed to be easily removable. This is a remarkable improvement for the user compared to the earlier models." 



Frank van Nunen 
SKS Toijala Works Oy


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Volter renewed the design of their power plant product – mechanical design by Relicomp


“At the end of our very first meeting, we started the mechanical engineering design together with Relicomp. Based on draft drawings and main dimensions, Relicomp designed the sheet metal components, while Volter was responsible for devising the plant frame that supports the main components of the plant.”


Managing director

Jarno Haapakoski
Volter Oy

(By the media house: Organisaatiosanomat, Niina Heikkinen)