case: ponsse

Developing together with the client

Ponsse and Relicomp started co-operating in 1999, when the companies started designing Ponsse’s 2001 collection. Since then, Relicomp has functioned as Ponsse’s strategic partner in producing and developing shaped components. Relicomp’s sturdy skills and know-how in shaping steel, as well as its versatile production methods and product development have brought Ponsse added value already in the early planning stages of the product.

“Our co-operation functions excellently. Ponsse is a continuously developing company that expects the same adaptation skills and development from its partners. Ponsse organises trainings for its suppliers, the goal of which is to help the suppliers develop with them,” explains Relicomp’s CEO Marko Jyllilä.

Relicomp has also openly told Ponsse about new plans and investments in shared events.

“Relicomp has invested significantly in development. They have seized the right things in the right order and are very systematic especially in operational development and quality control. This kind of operational development can also be seen in Ponsse’s quality and supply reliability. We greatly appreciate Relicomp’s investments in innovation, product development and personnel,” says Tommi Väänänen, director of Ponsse’s supply chain process.

Ponsse invests especially in the domestic supplier network, Relicomp being one of their significant domestic partners.

“We at Ponsse strongly believe in longevity and partnership. Regarding the supplier network, Relicomp’s numbers have continuously improved. With the help of such secure suppliers, we are also able to offer our products competitively,” says Väänänen.

Ponsse is a forest machine manufacturer founded in 1970, one of the leading companies in its field today. Ponsse specialises in forest machines that are based on a cut-to-length method, and in related information systems. The wishes and needs of forest machine entrepreneurs are in the heart of Ponsse’s operations. The company itself also actively follows the industry’s renewal needs. Accordingly, one of Ponsse’s strengths is its ability to develop its products according to these wishes and needs.