Case: SKS toijala works oy



”When SKS Toijala Works started to develop the new generation of KURO telescopic timber handlers, they wanted to place special emphasis on the design. Traditional engineering was replaced by design because they aimed to achieve equipment that positively stands out from the rest, and above all, is easy to maintain. Chassis panels had to be good-looking, exactly fitting and cost-efficient to manufacture. To facilitate equipment maintenance, panels were designed to be easily removable. This is a remarkable improvement for the user compared to the earlier models.

Relicomp has been involved in developing the manufacturability of the equipment from the very first sketches. I was familiar with Relicomp’s expertise thanks to many years of cooperation, and our earlier experiences particularly in production planning were very good. They know how to realise a desired construction using as few pieces as possible. As regards KURO, we already had designed the outer frame, but we lacked the production view.

In my opinion, Relicomp has state-of-the-art expertise in this area. It is visible in quality, cooperation and flexibility. In this project, too, they knew the right questions and with their answers, the work progressed efficiently. They suggested ideas that we would not have come up with. A remarkable thing was also that we never discussed whether something was possible. Everything was made possible and we only discussed how the plans could be realised at the right cost level.

When selecting the partner, the use of the 3D measurement technology was one important criterion. Smoothly running serial production requires dimensionally accurate components. In large and heavy constructions, tolerances must be such that the components actually fit and also look good after installation. Relicomp’s 3D measurement technology ensured exact fit of components.”

Purchasing director
Frank van Nunen

SKS Toijala Works Oy