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We provide services from the very first idea right through to the final product or process 

We use the latest technologies and efficient production methods in the manufacture of steel products. We manufacture both individual components and larger series in accordance with individual customer preferences in our own facilities – competitively and cost-efficiently.


Our services are as reliable as the steel we make. This is what we offer:


Product development

We work tirelessly to further improve the productivity, competitiveness, cost-efficiency and quality of sheet metal technologies.

Streamlining the manufacturing process can lead to significant cost savings and improvements in product quality. Our development areas include:

  • Reducing the number of parts and work stages by changing structures
  • New material choices and manufacturing methods
  • Improving the functionality of products
  • Improving the precision of parts by changing structures and processing methods
  • Reducing lead times by reducing the number of work stages
  • Simplifying delivery logistics


    Incremental forming

    Incremental forming enables extremely rapid prototyping and cost-efficient short-run production of formed parts. This advanced method replaces expensive tools and opens up more possibilities for product design.


    Relicomp is the only supplier in the Nordic countries to provide its customers with numerically controlled incremental forming technology.




    Deep drawing

    Deep drawing is a flexible manufacturing method suitable for large manufacturing batches, which minimises the cost of individual parts.


    The deep drawing method offers a wide range of possibilities for manufacturing formed items in larger series. Structures for increasing the rigidity of the product can be implemented without increasing the material thickness.



    3D scanning

    3D scanning produces highly accurate measurement documents to support product development, design, production and quality assurance.


    We measure products by scanning them with a laser scanner, which produces a 3D model of the product. The resulting 3D model can then be compared to the 3D model created with design software, accurately exposing even the smallest differences, which are denoted by colours and numerally. 



    Both small and large items are efficiently manufactured at our modern and spacious production facilities. We provide sheet metal in all thicknesses between 1 and 20 mm.


    Our sheet metal cutting is based primarily on laser cutting, in addition to which we use a combi machine to perforate, shape and thread items. We can also laser weld sheet metal products using our 3D laser.

    Sheet metal sheets are shaped roll bending machines and press brakes. With our numerically controlled roll bending, we can also create precision variable radius bends.


    We conduct MIG/MAG, TIG and robotic welding in accordance with the ISO 3834-2 welding standard. We also design and create dedicated welding jigs for frequent products when necessary.


    We make continuous investments in development, as evidenced by our machinery and equipment, which we renew on an annual basis, and our advanced working methods. Our operations are steered by the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 3834-2 quality standards. Our manufacturing and management processes are based on lean practices.


    Surface treatment

    We provide the final touch to our customers' products in our own paint shop.


    For surface pre-treatment we use the modern Bonderite NT-1 nanoceramic coating. On our automated powder coating line, items are efficiently processed with one mounting via the pre-cleaning, degreasing, drying and powdering stages to the furnace, after which the item is ready for assembly or delivery to the customer.



    We deliver products fully assembled.


    In addition to mechanical assembly, we also connect all pneumatic, hydraulic and electric components. Furthermore, we also test the performance of the products.