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Our principles

It’s the attitude that counts. Always.


To us, customer orientation means working together with you to find the solutions that are right for you.


Thanks to our vast expertise, long-term partner relationships and continuous development of both product structures and operating processes, Relicomp represents the cutting edge of development in sheet metal and incremental forming technologies.


Our uncompromising quality is guaranteed by our material know-how and broad knowledge of demanding machining techniques, combined with the latest manufacturing technologies. For our customers, this means high profitability and competitive solutions. We want to share our success with you!


We guarantee that working with us will be a straightforward, systematic and easy process. A fruitful partnership always begins with a single, successful first step.




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        From our very first meeting, we will effectively map your needs, work with you to prepare a plan for how to proceed, and offer solutions to your challenges



        Sheet metal machining requires a sharp mind and a creative approach. The only way to master the craft is to keep practising it. As proof of our success, we were awarded first prize in the design category of the 2012 and 2016 Plootu Fennica sheet metal product design competition. The judges described our solution for a machine cover as follows:


        ”A machine cover for mining equipment is an extremely challenging object to design. In addition to its technical function, there are a number of other restrictions and specifications it requires. By simultaneously covering all these issues, this piece of work shows how it is truly possible to create added value through design.”


        Our extensive expertise and continuous development of both product structures and operating processes have made Relicomp a true pioneer in the field of sheet metal and forming technologies. This is also evident from our quality management system, which was first certified in 2003.

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        You’ll get the best idea of how we work by visiting us on-site. Let’s set up a meeting as soon as possible!