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Juha-Matti Murtonen: More than just interaction with a robot


“Naturally, doing things your own way is a nice way of working, without someone constantly watching over your shoulder and timing your work with a stopwatch. That is one of the major benefits of working for Relicomp – you are trusted to work fairly independently. Our top salesman insisted on hiring me here as a robot welder in 2007. I guess he had seen that I was good at it, and welding was something I had also done before.


At my new job as the warehouse manager I have to make sure that products are delivered to our customers in time and that we have everything we need on the shelf. And that’s basically it. Sometimes there is some paperwork and many other tasks to take care of, which means that my job consists of much more than just interaction with a robot.


It is always nice to get more responsibilities. Having tried several jobs within the company definitely helps: when you know where the items come from and who does what, you know who to go to with your questions. I can also influence the way I work and plan my tasks in advance.


The Relicomp gang is excellent in that you can talk about anything to anyone. The company also has many kinds of tasks to choose from: there is the welding workshop, the paint shop, the cutting workshop and the assembly department in the company. Any time I have said that I would like to try something else instead of my current tasks, it has usually been arranged. At the same time I have also received more responsibility. There are always some special tasks available.”



Juha-Matti Murtonen

Warehouse manager
Relicomp Oy

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